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women for water

women for water

When women are empowered through water, entire communities are transformed! women for water helps women and girls to have reliable access to water, sanitation and hygiene which makes them safer, stronger, healthier, educated, employed and heard. Our goal is to support the empowerment of women and girls across 10,000 communities worldwide by 2030. Currently, we positively impact over 70,000 women and girls in over 300 high need communities across 16 countries. With your support, we can increase our efforts to help American communities in need to have clean, affordable and reliable water supplies.

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When you select women for water at checkout, you will be a part of the solution to the many water-related problems the United States faces. Today, more than 44 million Americans are served by water systems with quality problems and 2.2 million people have no water at home at all. women for water addresses this challenge by helping communities and families across the U.S. with water-related challenges.

Meet Beth

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Providing sustainable clean water access to U.S. communities is transforming the lives of so many like Beth, who lived without water in her home in the Navajo Nation for 3 years. Beth previously had to collect water from a neighboring town–hauling heavy buckets of water in order to take a shower, have a drink of water and clean her home. With her newly installed water system, Beth spends her newfound time with her grandchildren, sewing, reading, watching the Hallmark channel, and playing oldies music on the local radio station where she's a DJ. This impact was made possible by generous contributions from people like you and in collaboration with women for water and our implementing partners like DigDeep.