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Impact100 Global

Impact100 Global

Impact100 unites women across the globe to fund solutions to the most pressing problems facing humanity.

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Impact100 was founded by Wendy Steele in 2001 in response to feeling as though women's roles in philanthropy needed a new way to be expanded and encouraged. Wendy launched the organization with the goal of empowering women to see themselves as activists through utilizing large grants to make an impact within their communities. Since its inception, Impact100 has donated more than $105 million to worthy causes and has mentored dozens of chapters from start-up through maturity.

Women have the power to transform their communities through collective giving. Impact100 Global provides a path for women to see and share their value as philanthropists by collectively funding significant grants that transform their local community.

Impact100 Global unites women across the globe to fund solutions to the most pressing problems facing humanity. We believe in the collaboration and empowerment of diverse women to ignite transformational change in our communities. There are currently more than 60 communities benefitting from the work of Impact100 across our five broad funding areas (Education, Arts & Culture, Health & Wellness, Family, and Environment). After 20 years, we are growing faster than ever; with new communities seeking to start an Impact100.
Impact100 Global is dedicated to offering these dedicated women a framework to help take their philanthropic work to the next level, making a transformational difference in their communities. This is a place for women who care deeply, who dream wildly, and who believe that, together, they are an unstoppable force for good. Join us and see just how big the impact of Impact100 can be.